Monday, November 06, 2006

Taking Risks ... Climbing Down

The newest article at is entitled “Climbing Down the Ladder: Why I Gave Myself a Demotion.” Phil Taylor offers some excellent thoughts on taking risks and not following the conventional wisdom when it comes to a minister’s career progression.

Most of us have probably developed a “theology of risk-taking” based on a combination of our past experiences and our own study of Scripture. About twelve years ago, I was the co-founder of a start-up company in the environmental services business. I was convinced that God would reward me richly, after which I would be able to coast financially and give much more of my time in Kingdom service. After four years, I was just thankful to get back most of the money I had put in, even without any return on my investment. That was just one of the times when I learned that risk-taking doesn’t always result in the rewards that I want or expect.

My heritage is one of conservative Germanic stock that believes in hard work much more than in taking risks. As I get older, I find it even harder to take big risks. But I know that God can call us to step out boldly in faith throughout our lives (Abraham comes to mind). So I wonder what risks He may call me to take in the near future and what risks you’ve taken in the recent past.

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