Sunday, July 23, 2006


Our newest article (at is entitled “What if my first chair is a micromanager?” This frustration has been expressed frequently as we have interacted with other second chair leaders.

I have to confess to having some micromanaging tendencies myself. Sometimes my desire for things to be done “right” make it hard for me to restrain myself. I’ve also experienced the other end of this – as the micro-managee (?) – and it’s something I definitely prefer to avoid.

But the reason for this blog isn’t about me – it’s an opportunity to hear from you! What experiences have you had with a micromanaging boss? In what ways and in which areas of your job have you been micromanaged? What have you found effective to either change the nature of the interaction or to cope with it? Post a comment – we look forward to continuing this dialogue.


Anonymous said...

I'm a regular poster, but for sensitivity, I'm posting it without a name. This has been the hardest season ever for me, and it's almost daily that I want to...well, I don't know. Quit? Yell? Muntiny? Some of all of them, I guess.

The article on micromangaing; honestly I haven't read it yet. But my FC's like that, especially now with all that's going on in our church. Every desciion I make, it seems as if one I shouldn't have made, either because it isn't right anymore or it's not my call anymore. Neither, of course, having been discussed.

Anyays, I know this is like the old school "unspoken" prayer request, but those of you who are here regularly should know who this is.

Thank God for His son, my wife, and my first baby growing in the womb. It's the only thing keeping my sane.

Marie said...

I feel your pain. I will pray for you. Remember - this too is a season and will pass. I have been there and back and the journey is not pleasant but the rewards are great. Just stay focused on Him...and the rest will fall into place. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

Anonymous said...

Hey SC's. Its been a long time. Hopefully we'll all get a chance to get back into the blogosphere. I miss our discussions they are always encouraging and helpful to me. I haven't had a chance to read the article yet, but I deal with a micro-managing boss who I think it trying to change, but its a struggle.

Things in my chair have changed in a huge way. We recently added an a new staff member who will be taking on alot of my responsibilities. I'll be honest, because, we are all very honest here. I struggled with it. I looked at it as a demotion...moving from second to third chair, (hey maybe I should write a book!)

The change is so new that its hard for me have a really good handle on the change. We've hired additional staff, and positive changes are happening, I'm sharing an office with this individual...we are like college roomates. As you pray, you can pray that I'll continue to serve with the right heart and spirit and that the transition continues to go smoothly.

Clayton Bell said...

Alright, here's the update:

At a meeting last Wednesday with my SP, my premonitions were confirmed and I was "let go" from my current position. Now, I wasn't out and out let go on the spot; I'm going to be salaried until December 31st, if it comes to that. But, I do start training my replacemnt August 21st.

This was not the result of a fight or a massive failure on my part. This is the result of a shifting of the focus and the season of our church, and my wife and I knowing we weren't called to be there for a long period of time, and our SP wanted as many people as possible in place by September who were going to be here a longer time. We currently do not know what our next move is. There are a few options out there, but nothing that jumps out at us or would be an easy yes professionally, relationally, and financially. We also have our first baby due December 24th.

Soooo....Life is very interesting right now. We feel called to plant a church eventually, but more like in 2 years and not right now. We're trying to be honest in our departure and transition out of our position, and be gracious about our situation.

We beleive this is the will of God, and that the next thing we go into will be a great period of growth and maturity for us; we just wish we knew what it was!

So please pray that we would know what the will of God is, and that we'd have the faith to walk in it.

And, if you know of anyone who needs an executive pastor who's called to church plant...let me know! (of course, that might mean replacing you in your job, which I would never want!)

Mike Bonem said...

Wow, Clayton. That is a huge shift. Know that I'll be praying for you in these days, and will also keep my ears open for anything that might interest you. Keep trusting the Lord and remembering His blessings in your life.

Anonymous said...

I've pulled out the "Leaving your Chair" chapter of Roger's and Mike's book on more than one occasion and even recently read it again. I'm sorry you are going through this challenge. I was eating lunch with a guy who left the ministry the other day and talking about our experiences and what we've been through as 2nd chairs and we said, there has to be a way to be in ministry and not kill yourself or to be hurt. Why is ministry so hard? Why is it so difficult to have a life? I love the people and I love the difference I can make, but I'm tired, I've been hurt, and wish it wasn't so hard.

Clayton...keep your chin up brother. This might be the best thing to ever happen to you. Take time to enjoy your baby when he/she gets here before you know it they are all grown up.

Roger and Mike for seeing the need to engage 2nd Chairs. You guys are a huge encouragment!!

Clayton Bell said...

More drastic life changes...

Marie said...

Oh Clayton! I just went to your other page. You and your wife and in my prayers. Grace Shiloh was an incredible blessing but it takes a person of great faith to regognize that through the pain. Reading your story tonight made God very real to me and my faith grew stronger through yours. I don't know what God in mind for you - but it will be amazing, incredible and so very worth it. You are being prepared for something God-sized. May God bless and may He hold you both close and provide you comfort -