Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lessons Learned from Springfield

Share with others in the Second Chair Community some of the lessons you have learned form the Springfield Second Chair Leaders Conference. Just hit the comment link below, post as an "anonymous" blogger and hit the publish post key. You will be asked for "Word Verification" and just type in the letters you see.


Anonymous said...

The life experiences being shared are such an encouragement. Looking forward to reading the book!

Jay said...

What a day! The first Second Chair Leaders conference in Springfield, MO was great! There were over 50 2nd Chair leaders from all over the country (MO, AR, IN, MA, TX) It was encouraging, informative, and fun.

All you regular 2nd Chair bloggers, I wish you could have been there. If you have a chance to attend a conference do it!! It was worth it. Roger and Mike are very effective and articulate communicators. I think the message really connected with attendees and I hope that we'll begin to see our community grow.

It was great meeting you in person Mike and Roger! Thanks for your friendship and ministry!!

Monty said...

Thanks so much Mike & Roger! I really appreciate your openness and your humility. I have a new appreciation for my 1st chair and now know how to better serve and show my appreciation for him.

Missouri Preacher said...

I have begun reading the book and am going to share the overview of the book with our church board who is in the process of looking for a first chair. I am looking forward to sharing it with whomever they hire and am praying that he will embrace the principles taught as I have.